Featuring a roomy interior exuding sophistication and luxurious comfort, our large SUVs are designed to enhance your travel experience no matter where you decide to go. Coupled with our top-tier SUV drivers, knowledgeable in both on-road and off-road environments, and cutting-edge onboard technology, the only challenge you’ll face during your journey with our SUV chauffeur service will be saying goodbye to the vehicle.

When you’re looking for a luxury SUV chauffeur hire, we know you want the best. This is why we’ve selected only the top Range Rover and Rolls-Royce SUVs that show off style and class. From their stunning looks to their luxurious insides, our Range Rovers and Rolls-Royces are top-notch.

Executive SUVs

From £360.00
  • 4 Passengers
  • 2 Bags
Prices subject to VAT
  • Hourly £90.00
  • Hourly rate
    (4 hours minimum)
  • Daily rate
    ( 10 hours, 100 miles )
    additional mile £4
  • 4 Passengers
  • 2 Bags
Prices subject to VAT
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    Every SUV includes the following traits

    • Potent V6 or V8 motors delivering power and swift acceleration.
    • High-performance suspension featuring electronic dampers for efficient handling during sports driving.
    • Roomy interiors complemented by luxurious features such as leather upholstery, seats with adjustable positions, climate control, ambient lighting, touchscreen entertainment systems and additional amenities.



    • The back seat is a dream, with seats that lean back, entertainment options, a cooler for drinks, and tons of legroom, similar to what you’d find in first-class on a plane. It’s like sitting in a cozy living room.
    • Enjoy the high-end feel with two large screens for backseat riders and seats that lean back a lot.
    • The space feels even bigger thanks to a huge sunroof. Riding in the back is so smooth and quiet, it’s perfect for getting work done or thinking over big decisions. The long version of the Range Rover adds extra room inside, especially for your legs, because of its longer base and the tallness of the SUV, making it feel really spacious.



    • The seats are like comfy armchairs that you can heat or cool, wrapped in the softest leather, ensuring you’re sitting in pure comfort.
    • Advanced technology keeps the ride silent, so you can take calls or have a peaceful sleep without outside noise bothering you.
    • Enjoy top-notch entertainment with screens that pop out behind the seats, keeping you connected and entertained.
    • Charging your devices is easy with the SUV’s power outlets, so your gadgets are always ready to use.
    • The Cullinan offers a unique touch with a glass divider between the backseat and the luggage area, ensuring you ride in comfort and privacy without any interruptions.

    To book our SUV chauffeur service, reach out to LB Travel via online form or by dialing +44 78 6298 5495 or +44 79 8541 6520 today. At LB Travel, each SUV chauffeur prioritises your needs and we are dedicated to providing top-notch service.