Close Protection Chauffeurs Service

For VIP customers and elite business leaders in need of a highly guarded and protected chauffeur service, LB Travel Chauffeurs provides a professional security chauffeur service. When compared to other hiring services or a regular taxi, our chauffeur service is far more secure. Whether you're traveling for work, a family outing, or an airport transfer, our chauffeur service has the most expertise getting you where you need to go securely and safely.


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From meticulously maintained fleets to rigorously trained drivers, we ensure that your travel experience is both secure and comfortable.

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We provide clear, upfront pricing to ensure you know exactly what to expect, guaranteeing a stress-free and trustworthy experience.

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Secure chauffeur service for VIP

The use of close protection chauffeur services has grown in prominence along with an increase in crime. Generally, most of the celebrities and VIPs choose a highly secure chauffeur service because of the rise in acts of terrorism and religious violence. To overcome this challenge the VIP chauffeur services are provided for the  safe and secure transfer to the destination in addition to the lavish transfer service. We guarantee that our customers arrive at their destination in a luxury car that complies with international safety requirements and provides a safe and secure travel environment.

Close Protection Chauffeurs Service
Close Protection Chauffeurs Service

Personalized Protection & Security

Business executives nowadays confront a plethora of personal and company threats that necessitate the use of an elite security management system. Additionally, we devised a complete process to safeguard them and offer a secure travel experience. At London Business Travel's Chauffeurs, we recognize that our clients require personal protection services to ensure that their travels do not interfere in their business meetings. We have a customer service team skilled and knowledgeable that provides top-notch, safe, and secure personal security services as well as protection for company executives.


London Business Travel's chauffeurs are dedicated to giving our customers the best possible security and protection. In addition, we also provide executive protection and bodyguard services upon request or as per the requirements and suggestions of the clients. Additionally, we set up military forces and other special security services for the protection of our most important clients.


Highly Skilled Professional Chauffeurs

Our elite protection drivers have received the greatest industry standards for security and safety training. These drivers have received extensive training in defense driving, counter-surveillance, executive protection system, and first aid to ensure your safety even in the most dire circumstances.


Close Protection Chauffeurs Service
Close Protection Chauffeurs Service

Close Protection Service

The impeccably attired chauffeur from London Business Travel will come to you and take you there securely. We are kind and respectful to our clients. Our skilled driver will help you every step of the way to provide a safe and luxurious travel experience. It may be dangerous and distressing to drive when carrying large sums of money or costly objects in your car. Therefore, driving oneself is not a smart way to attract personal risks. Our Protection Chauffeurs Trained in:


  • Requirements for safe driving

  • Planning a route using counter-surveillance

  • Vehicle management system

  • Awareness of one's own security

  • Chauffeur for Personal Security and First Aid


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I recently used airport transfer service from London Business Travel and my chauffeur arrived on time, dressed professionally. The ride was comfortable allowing me to focus on my work. I highly recommend them for business trips in London.

Sarah Baeten

I hired London Chauffeur Transfer Services for airport to hotel transfers, and they did not disappoint. Has positive experience, and I will use their transfer services again.

M Aldeeb

I booked their London tour. My family feels happy with the service. The chauffeur offered us water and drinks. The online booking system is smooth and excellent. Recommended!

Audrey Adeyemi

The London Chauffeur waited for me at the airport with a name sign board and helped me with my luggage.The service was professional. I will definitely book them again for future travels.

Trevor Ambrose