The mode and type of transport remains the key issue in organisation of any trip. London Business Travel holds tremendous experience in the field. Business aviation and hire of a private jet are a special type of services offered by our company.
This mode of transport is suitable both for business companies and private clients. You can avoid any queues, check-ins, or unfamiliar people in the cabin, or dependency on the schedule.
This is real. The quality of in-flight services complies with the most stringent current standards.
Choose any level of on-board facilities from basic amenities to the comfort of a penthouse suite.
At your request, we can book a private aircraft with a bedroom, office, bathroom, kitchen, and other required options. We offer the luxury and comfort of a private jet at your service.
We provide successful round-the-clock organisation of even the most complex flights of any class, configuration, and level of facilities. Our company guarantees absolute security, prompt processing of the enquiry, and confidentiality of your data. The end price will depend on the type of aircraft, flight route, number of passengers, and number of parking days (as appropriate).